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NY MASSAPEQUA 7665 white un- neutered 4-5 month old male with black tail, ears, and nose NULL  10/1/2005
NY MASSAPEQUA 25739 black & white cat (mostly black) with white markings by nose, mouth, chest, and all 4 paws, white flea collar (looks new), yellow/green eyes, do not think it is declawed, very friendly Pic  7/9/2008 9:14:40 PM
NY MERRICK 6863 adult nuetered black male cat, green eyes. friendly, affectionate. been around for 2 -3 months took in 8/6. NULL  8/8/2005
NY MIDDLE ISLAND 15554 black female Pic  12/9/2006 8:43:09 AM
NY MIDDLETOWN 1890 young (possibly a year or less) female, calico/tabby mix. very friendly, follows you around, extremely skinny. found at sears NA  3/25/2004
NY MONROE 47735 brown tabby very very friendly,female Pic  10/24/2012 11:07:27 PM
NY NANUET 24858 very friendly, long-hair, grey/white declawed,neutered male-not anoutdoor cat-been coming around since early may,vicinity grandview&prospect Pic  5/20/2008 2:52:14 PM
NY NASSAU 11097 very small & young black female. whits socks, white mustache, long tail, short hair. been here all winter (05-06) NULL  4/12/2006
NY NEW BERLIN 46102 white-black,looks like young cat,really friendly finded at my house in the forest. Pic  6/5/2012 8:21:23 PM
NY NEW ROCHELLE NY 46109 orange male. not fixed. june 5th 2012. friendly with humans, but a bully toward other cats. may have been lost for a while, as his green flea collar was much, much too small on him. Pic  6/6/2012 1:42:24 PM
NY NEW YORK 47796 black and white Pic  10/30/2012 10:51:16 AM
NY NEW YORK 49451 found male black + white cat. very friendly. has white feet, white chest + small white mustache like patch of fur on face. Pic  7/5/2013 10:09:21 PM
NY NEW YORK 44679 skinny, neutered male champagne (light orange) and beige tiger cat with a long tail found. vet says probably 2-3 years old, no microchip. uses the people toilet! Pic  1/14/2012 2:45:37 PM
NY NEW YORK 50074 dark gray cat with white tuxedo markings, friendly and calm, well-fed Pic  11/19/2013 5:37:53 PM
NY NEW YORK 50996 on july 5, 2014, i found a young (6 months about) cat under a car on 95th street and first avenue. it is now at the aspca on 92nd street between first and york avenues. Pic  7/7/2014 12:16:30 PM
NY NEW YORK 50764 found on the uws on w. 90th st & central park west on 5/4/2014. charcoal and white cat, medium to long hair, petite build. has charcoal spot under chin. Pic  5/5/2014 3:03:07 AM
NY NEW YORK 11803 black cat, female, around 8 months old, found in brooklyn, ny (ditmas area), very friendly, no tags, not spayed Pic  6/1/2006 8:31:43 PM
NY NEW YORK 38670 orange cat, male, between 5 & 7 according to vet, very healthy. big! Pic  8/23/2010 8:32:59 PM
NY NEW YORK CITY, BOROUGH OF QUEENS 49392 mackeral tabby with white markings. mature male Pic  6/20/2013 9:24:40 PM
NY NEW YORK CITY,NY 21246 black/white,pink nose eyes like black eye glasses white legs,black tail,black stone collar found on e 57th street nyc,10022 ny.took to doctorshe is well got shots.waants to go home,lovely cat Pic  10/28/2007 6:11:09 PM
NY NORTH SYRACUSE 2665 grey, short hair 1-2 years of age, found in the village of north syracue NULL  8/18/2004
NY NORWICH 8440 black and white non-neutered male very friendly and people oriented near cr 19 NULL  11/13/2005
NY NYACK 39661 small young female brown tabby, rescued from sewer on corner of cedar hill and washington st. in south nyack. has gray rubber flea collar. looks like she's been down there quite a while. Pic  10/20/2010 2:45:13 PM
NY OLEAN 2466 white colored, long haired cat with grey on face, tail, and legs. blue eyes. very friendly. have picture to confirm id NA  6/22/2004
NY ONEONTA 32106 small black cat with very few white patches, very friendly Pic  8/10/2009 7:23:44 AM
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