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NY HOPEWELL JUNCTION 12180 CAT NOT SPECIFIED 49807 all black male kitten, not neutered, green flea collar, extremely friendly Pic  10/5/2013 7:02:43 PM
NY HOWARD BEACH 11414 CAT CAT - AMERICAN SHORTHAIR 36655 found a male white and gray cat in howard beach, new york Pic  5/7/2010 8:23:44 PM
NY HYDE PARK 12538 CAT NOT SPECIFIED 23655 it has a white body striped face and tail Pic  3/6/2008 4:06:29 PM
NY HYDE PARK 12538 CAT NOT SPECIFIED 23656 it has a white body striped face and tail Pic  3/6/2008 4:06:38 PM
NY ISLANDIA 11749 CAT NOT SPECIFIED 48931 black friendly female cat with small white patch in front. found shortly after hurricane sandy. Pic  3/9/2013 5:29:29 PM
NY ISLIP 11752 CAT CAT - BOMBAY 1507 about 6 months old, black w yellow eyes, litter trained, loveable, poss female. found in islip hamlet on jan 14th. NA  1/15/2004
NY ISLIP TERRACE -- EAST ISLIP 11752 CAT NULL 5939 black & white cat with collar found in islip terrace/east islip area. very friendly small female (gender ?). NULL  6/1/2005
NY JAMESVILLE 13078 CAT CAT - AMERICAN SHORTHAIR 20171 friendly, obviously domestic, cat - white feet, black tail, one "black eye", black patch on back. has been in neighborhood for more than a week. was tired, hungry, but ok indoors. Pic  9/9/2007 7:47:19 PM
NY KEW GARDEN HILLS 11367 CAT NULL 6267 young male neutered. dk. gray w/stripes on legs. creme belly & chin. very loving NULL  6/29/2005
NY KINGSTON 12449 CAT CAT - AMERICAN SHORTHAIR 7879 neutered male, gray tiger/ green eyes. very affectionate. NULL  10/13/2005
NY LACONA 13083 CAT CAT - AMERICAN SHORTHAIR 23782 this cat is primarily white with orange patches on head and orange and black patches on body with black and orange rings on tail. she has a tatoo in left ear ph 7859 Pic  3/12/2008 12:13:01 PM
NY LAKE CARMEL 10512 CAT CAT - MAINE COON 39583 beatiful chocolate rag doll angora/maine coon neutered male. black face & paws, all black body w/chocolate hues throughout, one white spot on chest hair. Pic  10/15/2010 7:52:22 PM
NY LATHAM 12189 CAT NULL 8251 male cat - black with white tuxedo markings. found 10/30 near st. ambrose church, latham off old loudon road. NULL  11/3/2005
NY LINDENHURST 11703 CAT NOT SPECIFIED 17719 blk/wht kitten 6-9mnths old found easter sunday 4/6 on n. indiana avenue Pic  4/19/2007 12:35:44 PM
NY LOCKPORT 14094 CAT NOT SPECIFIED 48613 male orange cat Pic  1/23/2013 10:18:07 AM
NY LOCKPORT 14094 CAT NOT SPECIFIED 47312 brown tiger white belly chest and paws very vocal friendly///staying in the woodlands mobile park Pic  9/13/2012 10:47:19 PM
NY LONG BEACH 11561 CAT NULL 2443 gray with white belly & white paws - male cat - very friendly NA  6/19/2004
NY LONG ISLAND CITY 11104 CAT CAT - AMERICAN SHORTHAIR 9034 gray adult male, un-neutered, 1 - 1 1/2 years old, very friendly! found in lot in late november in sunnyside/lic area. NULL  12/18/2005
NY LONG ISLAND CITY 11109 CAT CAT - TURKISH ANGORA 45181 green eyes, no collar, very vocal and very friendly, will not allow me to pick up so i can not check for gender but probably female or spade male Pic  3/10/2012 7:35:24 PM
NY MANHATTAN 10027 CAT NULL 9278 found on lenox ave. and 123rd on december 28. sweet gray tabby. NULL  12/31/2005
NY MASSAPEQUA 11758 CAT CAT - AMERICAN SHORTHAIR 7665 white un- neutered 4-5 month old male with black tail, ears, and nose NULL  10/1/2005
NY MASSAPEQUA 11758 CAT NOT SPECIFIED 25739 black & white cat (mostly black) with white markings by nose, mouth, chest, and all 4 paws, white flea collar (looks new), yellow/green eyes, do not think it is declawed, very friendly Pic  7/9/2008 9:14:40 PM
NY MERRICK 11566 CAT NOT SPECIFIED 6863 adult nuetered black male cat, green eyes. friendly, affectionate. been around for 2 -3 months took in 8/6. NULL  8/8/2005
NY MIDDLE ISLAND 11953 CAT CAT - AMERICAN SHORTHAIR 15554 black female Pic  12/9/2006 8:43:09 AM
NY MIDDLETOWN 18337 CAT NULL 1890 young (possibly a year or less) female, calico/tabby mix. very friendly, follows you around, extremely skinny. found at sears NA  3/25/2004
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